Les Vignes du Liban

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Les Vignes du Liban

Les Vignes du Liban - Lebanese Restaurant - Paris

This is the second restaurant of the oldest lebanese restaurant in Paris "Les Cèdres du liban".Was open in 1984 and there is Rita, mother of 7 children who receives you in a relax and family Restaurant,You will find very attractive prices with a Price/Quality with no Competition,The restaurant can receive 50 people, you will find in the meal our famous Mézzé (set of 10 differents entrances with the famous falafel or Hummous...),As a decoration you have paintings of lebanese traditionnal scenes with for example how we do the Arack (Most famous lebanese drink),You will be more than welcome ...


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291, rue Vaugirard
75015 Paris

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday

12:00 - 15:00 / 19:00 - 23:00