Our restaurants

Lebanese Restaurant

Les Cèdres du Liban Paris

5, avenue du Maine - 75015 Paris

Come and visit the Oldest lebanese restaurant in Paris open since 1972 !!

Les Cèdres du Liban receive you in a warming, friendly, and big place who can receive 80 people tops,

A family Business since Nicolas the son is hosting you and his father/sister are at the kitchen doing all the food just for your pleasure,

You will find a real Lebanese Gastronomie and all Home made with a tasty lebanese Dry Wine,

We talk English, Spanish, French & arabic

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beauty Institute

Institut Rita's Beauty

5 Rue Ernest Renan - 75015 Paris

Original and exclusive treatments that provide welfare and efficiency with a promise of visible and lasting results.

-Diagnosis: Diagnosis A complete beauty with suitable and avant-garde technical support.

-Prescription Formulas highly concentrated active ingredients applied in a dosage and duration in time.

Program-care professionals: changing approaches to professional care at the forefront of technology.

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